Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Snapshot from our film

Heres a snapshot from our film, its a wide shot used about half way through our film. We decided to use this shot as it establishes the scene well for the audience. We felt it necessary to show the whole scene to the audience, so they get an idea of where everything is in the scene. Most of the scenes prior to this had been close ups of the body, detective and Mise-en-scene (props). With this wide shot it shows everything in proportion and shows how its located within the bounds of our location.

attempted editing

Recently me and Tom  have started editing our film. We're only in the early stage of editing our film and there are a few changes that need to be made. Firstly we concluded that after editing the clips we had, we needed to film more. After cutting and merging clips together we learnt that we were 20 seconds short of what is needed. We also concluded that we needed better quality of clips that we had, so we decided from this that we were going to film some more. We are yet to edit the more complicated aspects, like editing the titles into the film. Overall the first editing session of our film was a success however there are a few changes to be made and stuff that needs adding.

7) evaluative questions soundclip

6) evaluative question prezi

5) evaluative question powtoon

4) Evaluative questions powerpoint