Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mise-en-scene analysis and improvements

After we presented our ideas to other experts, the said that one our main areas we need to improve on is Mise-en-scene. The feedback stated that our props that we used were too cliche and not original enough. For this reason I will look at different ideas for what props we could incorporate to our film to add originality. I will mainly be focusing on specific props in our film such as, the killers weapon and the mask for the serial killer. Here are some ideas below.

Feedback from Presentation


-Location was a good idea positive feedback on our choice on where we decided to shoo the film

-Positive feedback on the title of our film, people were happy with the way it related to our films plot and genre.

- Positive feedback on the plot line, people liked he fact that the story line was simple and fit the thriller genre


- Mise-en-scene could be improved, people felt that the knife and the hockey masked we decided to use was too cliche and we should use more original props

- With casting there could be more detail, should go into more detail about why we casted the people to the certain characters.

-We should of gone into more detail about why we picked the Thriller genre

The hunt presentation about my film

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Possible loaction ideas

Here is another picture I took of a possible location idea for our film. It is again Jubilee park, however in a lightly different location. Again for the same reasons its a good location for our first scene. However there are a couple of things which make it slightly better. The fact that its near a couple of trees, make it seem more likely for a murder to take place, also this would allow for us to a get good pov shot from the serial killer.

Update: as previously mentioned we decided not to used this location

Possible Location ideas

Here is a picture I took of a possible location we could use in filming one of our scenes. The location is useful as it has a large clearing then woods behind it perfect for our first scene. Which involves a dead body being examined by a detective. This big clearing would have been perfect for our opening scene because it would of allowed us to get all the shots we needed the wide, open, secluded space would allow us to get the right framing for shots like, wide shots. Also it being a quiet secluded location it, fitted the genre conventions.

Update: we decided not to use this location as it was inconvenient, due to where it was located. Also the weather conditions made it hard for us to travel through this location. In the end we chose a location that was more convenient as it was more local and it was easy to bare considering the weather conditions.

Audio log #1:Explanation

casting for our film

cast list:

Here is the final cast list for our film

Detective 1: Tom Edwards

Detective 2: Luke Watson

Victim: Adam Pedley

Murderer/Masked man: Alec jetha

analysing music from thrillers

For my own film I will be analysing different soundtracks from thriller films and talking about what makes them good for that film, to get an idea of music I can apply to my own thriller film. I looked at several different types of films that the music was from. So I looked at music form a suspense thriller and a psychological thriller, just so i can see what is perfect when i decide to chose the type of thriller for my film. This is a necessary topic to study as i believe that music in a film is so vital for creating the perfect atmosphere in a film. Our film isn't  going to have lots of dialogue so it necessary that the music we use is perfect for the atmosphere and fits the conventions of our film. See below for different pieces I have analysed.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

This soundtrack is taken from the cult classic thriller, Psycho. The score is perfect for a suspense thriller. The way the track is jumpy really builds up the tension throughout, it portrays danger and tension as the track slowly builds but at the same time is un nerving. The way the composer has used the violin is the one of the main things in this track which creates the tension. The sharp noise from the violin at the end of the track is perfect, the sharp eerie sound creates the idea that the something bad or disturbing is happening.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

analysing music from thiller films

Although this is slightly different from the typical eerie, tone of most thriller scores I think this is a perfect track for a thriller for several aspects. The way this track slowly builds up conveys suspension throughout, the music gets more jumpy and intense with addition of more and more instruments. As it builds up it almost feels like the tension gets greater and greater. The way the music starts calm and slowly looses control creating anarchy, paints the scene itself. Overall this a great track for a scene which contains suspense and high tension.

Analysing music from thriller films

Looking at soundtracks from thriller films, the score from the beginning of se7en is a perfect example of a typical thriller soundtrack. It conveys the thriller conventions perfectly. The eerie mysterious drone fits perfectly with the murder thriller vibe. The random, jumpy high pitch sounds are perfect for portraying the explosive tension thrillers contain. The slow build up that starts to get increasingly faster also does this. 

TEMPLATE script for the hunt

Detective 1:Frank Harris
Detective 2 (partner):Isaac Rogers
Killer:Masked man (unnamed)
Victim:Tim Robbins

(shot opens with the main title, The Hunt. Then fades to dead body while titles appear, detectives start to talk and it cuts to the two detectives standing over the body)

D1: What  time was it called in?
D2: Around 6 am, man walking his dog saw his body laying by the river side.
D1: The body looks no older than 18, you got ID on the victim?
D2: His name,Tim Robbins 17 years old, attended Woodsbury secondary school and lives with his parents Jane and Ben Robbins just down the road from here
D1: Have his parents been informed?
D2: Yeah they said they last saw at around 8pm last night, he stormed out after an argument
D1: Right ok, we'll speak to them later. (short pause detective looks at body)
D1: He's got multiple stab wounds on his back, there are finger marks below his chin. (cuts to next scene where victim is walking walking through the woods

D1: Victim was likely to be alone in the woods, killer followed him, grabbed him from behind by the neck and stabbed him multiple times, from the tracks it looks like the killer then dragged the body and left it here ( All is a voice over while a flashback of the killing occurs)

(cuts back to the detectives)
D2: Ok well I need to head back to the station and file a report you coming ?
D1: Nah I see you there later, I've got a couple of jobs need doing home
D2: Ok Frank I'll see you later
(scene cuts to the killer looking at the two detectives, then as the detectives are walking the killer watches them in the background)



Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Shooting Schedule

Sunday 16th February: Look over locations to make sure they are in good condition. Make any changes if needed. 

- The cast consists of a total of 4 people. Alec Jetha, Tom Edwards and two other students(casting unfinished)

- We shall be shooting in the early hours of the day. This is because it maximizes the time we have to shoot and it fits in with the narrative of our story. Also it allows for a less intervention as we are shooting in a public place ,shooting in the morning we are less likely to run in with people.

- The shooting shall consist of the week of half term (Monday 17th February- Friday 22nd February) 

- Any extra additions to the film or changes shall be filmed after half term. Deadline is on the 10th of March

- Editing shall be done as soon as possible after we are happy with the shots.