Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Snapshot from our film

Heres a snapshot from our film, its a wide shot used about half way through our film. We decided to use this shot as it establishes the scene well for the audience. We felt it necessary to show the whole scene to the audience, so they get an idea of where everything is in the scene. Most of the scenes prior to this had been close ups of the body, detective and Mise-en-scene (props). With this wide shot it shows everything in proportion and shows how its located within the bounds of our location.

attempted editing

Recently me and Tom  have started editing our film. We're only in the early stage of editing our film and there are a few changes that need to be made. Firstly we concluded that after editing the clips we had, we needed to film more. After cutting and merging clips together we learnt that we were 20 seconds short of what is needed. We also concluded that we needed better quality of clips that we had, so we decided from this that we were going to film some more. We are yet to edit the more complicated aspects, like editing the titles into the film. Overall the first editing session of our film was a success however there are a few changes to be made and stuff that needs adding.

7) evaluative questions soundclip

6) evaluative question prezi

5) evaluative question powtoon

4) Evaluative questions powerpoint

3) Evaluative question comic strip

2) Evaluative question photo sequence

1) Evaluation news article

1- In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?  (In the form of a newspaper article)

The Hunt, How Does it Compare to Other films?

With the new thriller film ‘The Hunt’ out this week, we look at how it compares to other film openings. The films directors Tom Edwards and Alec Jetha have been heavily influenced by other psychological thrillers such as 'Se7en'. With director Alec Jetha saying "Our film puts the audience on edge and uses no dialogue in the opening to keep the narrative mysterious." 

'The Hunt' opens with many different camera angles and shots to provide a good viewing for the audience. "This was important for us as we felt we needed some way of telling the narrative to our audience without dialogue, we tried to maximize our use of props and mise en scene" stated Tom Edwards.  The opening of 'The Hunt' also uses a soundtrack like many other film openings. The films directors felt that using an eerie sound opening would have an impact on the audience. This technique was similar to other film openings such as 'Se7en', 'Silence Of The Lambs' and 'The Godfather'.

The font of the films title and opening credits also fitted the conventions of a psychological thriller. The font again compares to other films such as 'Se7en'. We can see that Tom Edwards and Alec Jetha have many comparisons to conventions of real media products. Evidence of this is with the use of a soundtrack, mise-en-scene, titles and font type.

However, we can also see some ways in which 'The Hunt' challenges forms and conventions of other media products. This is because of the facilities the directors had. Other products have had the luxury of a high budget. This is something Alec Jetha and Tom Edwards did not have. This meant that they could  not use paid actors or vast amount of props. 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

music possibillity

Another soundtrack we intended to use for our film. We decided to include this in the list of possibilities for our film because of the creepy eerie tone it has. The piece is slow and gloomy and would fit perfectly with our first scene in the film.

music posibilities

The strangers is a strong possibility of what we are using for our film as a soundtrack. Firstly like the previous soundtrack I posted, it has the same features that makes it perfect for our first film. It contains eerie and mysterious sounds which build up the tension and the audience questioning on why the dead body is there. It is also the perfect timing as its 2 minutes which made it easier to edit. However what makes it different and perfect is how the soundtrack transitions. Mid way through the soundtrack thus music slowly transitions into more dramatic music. Eventually the music builds and builds and the tension becomes dramatic and intense which is perfect for our chase scene.

UPDATE: We decided that this was the perfect soundtrack for our film. The timing of the soundtrack perfectly fits our film the transition of the soundtrack fits the transition of the way the film becomes more tense.

music possibilities

After listening to this (free non copyrighted) soundtrack i decided it could be a possibility for our film. The eerie calm but creepy sound could be perfect for our first scene in our film. This is because during this first scene there is a sense of mystery and gloom. During this scene the audience are disorientated and clueless of what is going on and this music will emphasize this. It will make them wonder on what is going on and the music will build up the tension of them questioning why there is a dead body center scene.

Final cast list

detective 1-Tom Edwards

victim-Adam pedley

killer- Alec jetha

-certain characters and actors were changed due to problem with cast

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Budget for our film

Looking at the cost our film, i have broken down the budget by how much everything is. Taking into consideration that our film is an amateur film, our budget is going to be very low.

Here the budget broken down bit by bit

mask: £5-£15
prop knife or weapon: £3-£10
set of plastic disposable gloves: ££1-£2

The camera we are using is paid for by the media department so the cost is covered. The set is a local public park so its free to use for filming. Costumes are actors own cost is covered. No makeup is needed. Also the digital camera being used as a prop is paid for. In conclusion the film will cost no more than £15-£25.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


After we decided to cut dialogue from our film we decided to emphasize on the mise-en-scene aspect of our film, to tell the story. This scene is a great example of this, the scene taken from the wire a crime tv show. The scene is a crime scene investigation, which has little or no dialogue. It emphasizes the mise-en-scene to tell the story rather than using dialogue, this is a perfect example as we wanted to do this for our scene.

Changes we have decided to make

After our first filming session we have decided to cut a few things from our film:

-we are getting rid of most dialogue as we felt it would be better to focus on the cinematography and mis-en-scene

-We have decided to change a few aspects of mis-en-scene, by including more props and changing some that were already there

-We changed locations from Jubilee park to Tootswood park

Monday, 3 March 2014

Mise-en-scene improvements: mask

After recent feedback on my film, i discovered that feedback suggested we should change some of ours props to improve our Mis-en-scene. This is because they felt that the mask was too cliche and has been over used in other films before. For this reason I felt we needed to take a unique approach towards the appearance of the killer, this meant using a more original mask. After looking at several different ideas of masked serial killers, I noticed some original ideas.

-Michael Myers, a very original idea. A mask which represents a human face, creates more of a creepy and disturbing feel about the killer.

    -Scream, the mask which looks like a ghostly face screaming. Gives the idea that the victims are being murdered by a spirit, not and actual human which shrouds the killers identity but makes him/her more terrifying.
      -Hannibal lector, the mask was placed on the killer almost as a "muzzle" because of his reputation of eating people. However the mask creates a scary persona, as it hides the mouth and emphasizes the eyes, it highlights the animalistic and disturbing look hannbibal has.