Monday, 3 March 2014

Mise-en-scene improvements: mask

After recent feedback on my film, i discovered that feedback suggested we should change some of ours props to improve our Mis-en-scene. This is because they felt that the mask was too cliche and has been over used in other films before. For this reason I felt we needed to take a unique approach towards the appearance of the killer, this meant using a more original mask. After looking at several different ideas of masked serial killers, I noticed some original ideas.

-Michael Myers, a very original idea. A mask which represents a human face, creates more of a creepy and disturbing feel about the killer.

    -Scream, the mask which looks like a ghostly face screaming. Gives the idea that the victims are being murdered by a spirit, not and actual human which shrouds the killers identity but makes him/her more terrifying.
      -Hannibal lector, the mask was placed on the killer almost as a "muzzle" because of his reputation of eating people. However the mask creates a scary persona, as it hides the mouth and emphasizes the eyes, it highlights the animalistic and disturbing look hannbibal has.

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