Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Camera shots/angles

Different examples of camera angles and shots

Close up

A close up is a framing in where the object in is shown in a large scale in the scene. Most commonly a persons head from the shoulders up or an object which fills most of the screen. This example of a close up of Brad Pitt, is taken from the thriller Se7en. The close up is usually used to capture and portray the characters emotion\reaction in the scene, for the audience to see clearly. For example in this close up, we can see how the shot is used to capture the emotion on the characters face. We can clearly see that he is upset or confused, also that he feels threatened or he is angry as in the shot we can see he is holding a gun. Another example of close ups is when there is a close up shot of an object, this is usually done to signify the importance of an object or show how its is relevant to the scene for the audience.

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