Thursday, 7 November 2013

Se7en opening credits timeline and analysis

TITLE SEQUENCE TIMELINE 0:02-Music starts, cuts to the main title scene

0:05-New line cinema(associated company)

0:08-An Arnold Kopelson Production

0:11-A film by David Fincher

0:15-Brad Pitt

0:20-Morgan Freeman

0:25-Se7en (Movie title)

0:29-Gwyneth Paltrow

0:33- Richard Roundtree

0:38-R.Lee Emey

0:41-John C.Mc Ginley

0:48-Julie Araskog and Mark Boone Junior

0:55-John Cassini, Reginald E.Cathey, Peter Crombie

0:58-Hawthorne James, Micheal Mussee, Leland Orser

1:05-Richard Portnav, Richard Schiff, Pamala Tyson

1:11-(actors credits end) casting by Billy Hopkins, Suzanne Smith and Kelly Borden

1:118-Music by Howard Shore

1:23-Costumes designed by Michael Kaplan

1:25- Edited by Richard Francis

1:28-Production designed by Arthur Max

1:36-Director of Photography Darius Khondji

1:41-Co production-Nana Greenworld, Stephen Brown, Sanford Punilch

1:44-Co executive producers-Lyn Harris and Richard superstein

1:52-Executive producers-Gianni Nunnuri, Dan kolsrad, Anne Kopelson

1:55-Written by-Andrew Kevin Walker

2:00-Produced by- Arnold Kopelson, Phyllis Carlyle

2:06-Directed by-David Fincher

2:09-Title sequence ends cuts to a different scene movie starts


The movie 'Se7en' was an iconic thriller released in 1995, its about a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his motive to kill. The movie directed by David Fincher had a range of big time actors like Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman to credit for, the movie proved a large hit in cinemas and has been very popular since.

The opening sequence to the blockbuster thriller 'se7en' is clever and well thought out as it really sets the tone for the film. You can clearly see  the opening title sequence took a long time to make, as it has various different pictures, animations, clips e.t.c. Firstly the soundtrack used for this clip, closer (precursor)-Nine Inch Nails, was perfect as the underlying tone to the soundtrack was eerie and mysterious, it almost sends a chill down your spine just listening to it. The footage/clips used in the title sequence also achieve this. it shows a range of different clips of man doing several things like taking newspaper clippings or taking pictures of people and cutting them into size. These various activities that the man is doing make him seem obsessive and the things he is doing seems unnatural and extraordinary. The vibe given off is that he is some sort of psycho path and that in the clip we are watching, the man  is hinted to be a serial killer maybe even from the film. This also gives the audience an idea of what the killer is like from the moment you start the film, its almost like we are introduced to killer but in an impersonal fashion, which gets the audience thinking straight from the beginning about the identity of the killer. Another way the clip captivates the creepy vibe is through the various editing techniques and the animations the editors use. The animations used to transition between each and individual title sequence is jumpy and random, also random scribbles and text appear behind or in the back ground. Each transition usually jumps or flashes to a new scene which feels unnerving and and hallucinogenic. The way the whole clip is edited seems disorganised and unpredictable, like a serial killer and in a way it almost seems like the killer made the scene him self. The colour used in the clip was dark and gloomy a range of greys and blacks were used. I believe the colour used in the title sequence is perfect as it seems depressing and gloomy.
In conclusion the opening title sequence for Se7en is perfect, from the choice of soundtrack to the editing techniques used it really captivates the dark and mysterious tone of a murder mystery/thriller.    

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