Thursday, 7 November 2013


The crime drama catch me if you can, is a true story based on the life of Frank Abagnale who earned millions of dollars at a very young age by conning people. The movie was directed by Hollywood giant Steven Spielberg, also some very big names feature in the movie as well. Critically acclaimed actor Leonardo Dicapro  has the lead role, portraying Abagnale. Also Oscar winner Tom Hanks plays the FBI agent chasing Abagnale. The movie mainly consists of the Tom Hanks character chasing Dicaprio's character.

The title sequence of Catch me if you can is entirely animated. The scene portrays the events of the movie in short animations, this is a really good technique used as it helps the audience understand what the movie is about. In each scene it shows Dicaprios character, Abaganale getting chased by FBI agent Carl Hanratty Tom Hanks character. Straight of they introduce both actors are introduced  in a very creative and imaginative way. When we see Dicaprio's name appear in bold letters on the big screen his characters animated representation uses the cover of the title to disguise as an airline pilot. When Hanks's character appears the actors name appears as title next to the animated representation. Throughout the whole sequence there are various other ways the titles interact with the animation, for example there is a scene when an elevator is attached to one the names of people associated with the film. By involving the different titles into the animations I believe is a very clever method to get the audience focusing on titles more. The music used composed by Jon Williams as well is also perfect for the scene, the music used is very sinister and mischievous and which fits the characteristics of a con artist. Overall the opening sequence to Catch me if you can is very clever and well thought out. The animated sequence turns a simple old title sequence into entertaining cartoon, in which the audience can enjoy and be satisfied.  

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