Thursday, 7 November 2013

Spiderman 2 opening scene analysis

Analysis of the opening credits of Spiderman 2

Spiderman is a super hero movie arrived from the  original marvel comic book by written by Stan Lee. Spider man 2 is the second in the Spiderman series of movies. Like the first it was a huge hit and one of the first of many Marvel movies soon to be released. The movie had some big actors to its name including Toby Migure, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco.

The opening scene of Spiderman 2 is very famous for the amount of detail there is. Everything used to make the scene really captivates the heroic theme of the movie. Firstly what the editors did well when making the opening scene, was making it in a comic book style. I think this reminds us as the audience of what type of movie Spider man is, the comic book theme really accustoms to young children and grabs their attention right from the start. Not only would young children appreciate the comic book style but so would the older generation, the adults that read Spiderman comics as a kid are finally seeing the Super hero burst onto the big screen. The music used throughout the scene changes and almost tells a story. Firstly when the music starts it shows pictures of Spiderman and his friends and family, at this point the music is bold and heroic. Then the music starts to grow more sinister and we see more darker negative pictures like, the character Peter parkers (the real identity of Spiderman) uncle dead, in Peter parkers arms or the villain from the first film the Green Goblin. Gradually the music changes throughout until eventually at the end of the credits the music builds up and ends of on a big finale almost preparing you for the movie ahead. The colour used throughout the opening credits is red, black and blue which is the colour of Spiderman's costume, this allows the audience to associate these colours with the superhero.

In conclusion I think the way the opening credits for Spiderman 2 has been put together fits perfectly with the movie. The comic book style captivates audiences of all ages and at the same time looks artistic and creative. 

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