Tuesday, 26 November 2013

camera shots/angles

Camera shots/angles-Low angle

The low angle, camera shot is when the camera is placed low and is looking up at something. The two examples i chose were from the movies, Transformers and Inglorious bastards. The low angle is widely used in movies to make something look powerful, large and physically dominant. The low angle facing upwards gives the effect that the audience are almost looking up at something. For example in the low shot taken from Transformers (picture on the left),
the low shot is used to make the robot seem tall.
The way the robot towers over the picture,gives the effect to the audience that the robot is large and physically  dominant.
In the picture to the right taken from the film Inglorious Bastards, the low angle used makes the two figures seem dominant and threatening as they're looking down at the audience. The low shot is used a lot in Tarintino movies, a very popular low angle, which is frequently used in Tarintino movies  is the famous 'car boot' shot. Its a low angle shot which is from perspective of a car boot. Tarintino has used this in a different way, instead of using it to make a character look powerful or dominant, he has used it to add mystery to the scene to get the audience questioning what the characters are looking at.  


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