Sunday, 10 November 2013

Star Wars Special FX Comparison Part 2

Straight away you can already see the improvements in this clip. This clip was taken from a newer Star Wars movie released at least 30 years later. Firstly from the clip we can see how the explosions look far more realistic, the flame looks more fiery and has a smoke effect which the explosions used in the older movies lack. The movement of the space ships looks more natural, in the previous films the ships movement on the back drop would sometimes look shaky or slow, in the modern day films the ships move far quicker and looks more natural on the back drop. Also the detail of the battle scene is far greater there is far more going on in the back ground than the previous clip. Another thing I noticed is when it films the actors inside the ship it looks more realistic, as in the newer movies the actions occurring out the window of the ship have great detail, where as in the previous clip the detail was worse. Overall the improvements made between the two movies are hard to miss you can see clearly with modern day technology how special FX have improved over the years. 

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