Friday, 15 November 2013

Music in opening credits analysis-Django Unchained

The musical piece used in the opening scene of this film, was composed by  
Rocky Roberts and Luis Bacalov. The score was originally created for the film and was intended to be in the opening scene of the film. The piece sounds like and old western classic which complements the genre of the film.It uses various instruments like guitar which gives it the western vibe. It also introduces the genre to the audience, the piece introduces the wild western theme. The title of the film and character is in the song which gets the name Django stuck in the audiences mind, the song repeats it over and over which makes seem catchy. Another thing I noticed was how juxtaposition was used in the scene, the music seems up beat and you would fit perfectly in a more positive scene. For example in a scene where you see the hero triumph or defeat the enemy, instead the song is used in a scene where we see the main character enslaved walking across the desert. Tarinto does this a lot in his films, he uses songs in scenes which don't necessarily fit the mood. The idea of using music composed specifically for a scene has inspired me for my own media project. Me and my partner Tom Edwards are currently working on making opening title sequence to a film, as we are not allowed to use copyrighted music, this title sequence gave me the idea of using my own composed music for the title sequence.

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